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 New Jersey Junior Pistol Shooters

New Jersey Law DOES allow Juniors (under age 21) to shoot handguns under specific conditions (see details)

Juniors shoot FOR FREE in NRA Registered matches at
CJRPC, Lake Island, SCFGPA, Square Circle and CRRC!

( contact Mary@NJPistol.net for match signup details!)

2011 - Junior Bullseye Newsletter started by John Gunn III
2013-14 Editor, Mary Badiak - click here to read previous issues

ALSO - Check out the CMP Junior Newsletter "On the Mark"

APPLY - SCHOLARSHIPS for High School Seniors!!

ANJRPC (application deadline - end of AUGUST) - Juan won 2nd place in 2015 - Trevor and Matt M. both won 1st place in 2016!
Tyler N won 1st place in 2017!


 CMP (application deadline - beginning of MARCH) - Michael B won in 2014, Juan won in 2015!!



 1- Somerset Junior Pistol League: SCFGPA - 445 Milltown Rd., Bridgewater
NEW SCHEDULE (2 relays!) - EVERY MONDAY 6:30-8 and 8-9:30 PM!
New shooters are welcomed - Contact Ray Badiak for details!

 2- CRRC Junior Pistol League: CRRC - 213 Princeton Hightstown Rd, Princeton Jnctn, NJ 08550

3- Junior Bullseye League at CJRPC - 168 S Stump Tavern Rd., Jackson, NJ:
OUTDOORS - Thursdays at ~ 7 PM from April thru September (after CJ 900 League)

INDOORS - Thursdays at 6 PM from October thru March!

  Please contact Rich Bogath for further information!

This league was started by Mike Westock, who ran it from 2008 thru OD season 2015!

NJ Junior Pistol "History"

In 2003 New Jersey brought a 4 shooter Junior Team to the National Matches at Camp Perry!


The Junior 4-member Service Pistol Team took first place that year!

In 2004 John Gemmill launched an extra effort to bring more juniors to the sport!

Old Bridge Junior Bullseye Clinic 2004

John instituted the policy that juniors shoot FOR FREE at his NRA Registered matches in NJ!

He was very proud of our future generation of champions on the firing line!

(There would be no junior bullseye in NJ if not for John Gemmill!)

NJ again brought a full 4-member Junior team to Camp Perry in 2005...and every year since
- in 2016 we brought TWO TEAMS for the 1st time!


  0.22 CF 0.45 Agg
2017 -GOLD 1058-14* 995-12* 996-11 3048-37*
2017-22-ONLY 985-6 1003-14 996-18 2984-26
2016 -GOLD 1059-20 951-11 1002-12* 3012-43
2016 -SILVER 985-6 876-6 867-6 2728-18
2015 1058-12 961-12 912-11 2931-33
2014 1063-24 964-9 972-15 2999-48
2013 1051-18 903-7 923-10 2877-35
2012 985-9 984-10 933-9 2902-28
2011 1021-13 983-15 947-10 2951-38
2010 1013-10 916-10 858-10 2787-30
2009 956-10 916-4 899-11 2771-25
2008 971-7 826-9 932-12 2729-28
2007 1004-15 955-11 898-8 2857-34
2006 987-9 872-12 881-7 2740-28
2005 1026-11 860-10 DNF 1886-21
2004       no team
2003 978-14 960-10 920-7 2858-31

 In 2017* NJ Junior Gold were OVERALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (also .22 Cal and Centerfire)!!

In 2016* NJ Junior Gold Team won .45 Cal. Junior National Championship!
Michael B was 2nd Junior Overall in 2016!  Juan was NATIONAL JUNIOR CHAMPION in 2017!

In 2015 NJ Junior 2-member teams finished 1st and 2nd in CMP Junior Matches!

and our "adopted" junior, Sam, won Junior NTI!!

See the CMP article on Sam's story

Competitive accomplishments:

Junior Team Match 2004

National Indoor Team Records 2005

National Indoor Team Records 2006


SSUSA write-up Nov. 2012


National Indoor Junior Team Records 2013 and again in 2014 and again in 2015 and again in 2016 and again in 2017

National Outdoor Short Course Junior Team Records 2013 and again in 2014 and again in 2015

Individual Accomplishments:


Michael B Soklaski, age 15 (left, above) set his first individual Indoor Junior National Record
in Slow Fire at 25 yards in 2012 (see match details)!
- He broke his own record TWICE more, latest at age 17 (right, above) at NJIDC 2014

MORE individual Indoor National Junior records set by Michael B:

.45 cal Rapid Fire at 25 yds 196-9X 10/23/2013
.22 cal Timed Fire at 25 yds. (co-holder) 200-13X 11/23/2013
.22 cal. Aggregate at 25 yds. 874-31X 11/23/2013

Michael got a scholarship to shoot pistol for OSU in 2014!

Michael, front and center with Free pistol, Senior year in 2018 (OSU Pistol Team, National Collegiate Champions!)

-->  Click here for updates on the OSU pistol team!


 Kimberly Hullings, age 16 (above), NJ State Indoor Junior Champion for 2008 (see match details)

Kim got a scholarship to shoot pistol for Ohio State University in 2010!

 Thanks for past support from Junior Pistol Shooters of America

8/5/12- JSPA donated 100 rounds of SKJagd match ammo
to EACH of our 20 Junior competitors at NJ's first JUNIOR ONLY NRA Registered Pistol Match,
PLUS a full BRICK to each the top male and female!

12/1/10- JSPA  lent a gun box with spotting scope to new CJ Junior Cody N!! 

12/1/10- JSPA  sponsored a pair of dedicated shooting glasses
 (including eye exam for the prescription) for NJ's Kim Hullings at OSU!!

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New Jersey Firearms Academy
174 Danforth Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07305


Lateif Dickerson
Director/Chief Instructor


Kids from 8 to 18 can attend any of our Basic courses (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) free
when accompanied by a parent. The parent pays for the course and can bring up to 2 youth.



NJ Law regarding Juniors:

link to code cited below 

                    2C:58-6.1 Possession of firearms by minors; exceptions

14.  a.  No person under the age of 18 years shall purchase, barter or otherwise acquire a firearm and no person under the age of 21 years shall purchase, barter or otherwise acquire a handgun, unless the person is authorized to possess the handgun in connection with the performance of official duties under the provisions of N.J.S.2C:39-6.

b.No person under the age of 18 years shall possess, carry, fire or use a  firearm except as provided under paragraphs (1), (2), (3) and (4) of this subsection; and, unless authorized in connection with the performance of official duties under the provisions of N.J.S.2C:39-6, no person under the age of 21 years shall possess, carry, fire or use a handgun except under the following circumstances:

(1)In the actual presence or under the direct supervision of his father, mother or guardian, or some other person who holds a permit to carry a handgun or a firearms purchaser identification card, as the case may be;  or

(2)For the purpose of military drill under the auspices of a legally recognized military organization and under competent supervision;  or

(3)For the purpose of competition or target practice in and upon a firing range approved by the governing body of the municipality in which the range is located or the National Rifle Association and which is under competent supervision at the time of such supervision or target practice or instruction and training at any location; or

(4)For the purpose of hunting during the regularly designated hunting season, provided that he possesses a valid hunting license and has successfully completed a hunter's safety course taught by a qualified instructor or conservation officer and possesses a certificate indicating the successful completion of such a course.

c.A person who violates this section shall be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.  For purposes of this section the fact that the act would not constitute a crime if committed by an adult shall not be deemed to prohibit or require waiver of family court jurisdiction pursuant to N.J.S.2C:4-11 or to preclude a finding of delinquency under the "New Jersey Code of Juvenile Justice," P.L.1982, c.77 (C.2A:4A-20 et seq.), P.L.1982, c.79 (C.2A:4A-60 et seq.), P.L.1982, c.80 (C.2A:4A-76 et seq.) and P.L.1982, c.81 (C.2A:4A-70 et seq.).

L.1979,c.179,s.14;  amended 1980, c.52;  2000, c.145, s.3.


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This website was originally inspired and instituted by Kathy Chatterton

Please send comments or suggestions to:  Mary@njpistol.net