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The National Outdoor Pistol Championships - Camp Perry - Port Clinton, OH

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2018 NRA Bulletin  - 2018 Entry Form

CMP Match Bulletin

An incredible week of shooting:

Typical traveling day from NJ to Ohio is Sunday (8-10 hour drive)
NEW SCHEDULE FOR 2018 - NRA NM Calendar 
-Monday is NRA packet pickup, practice and Revolver matches (and NJ TEAM MEETING)
-Tuesday is Preliminary day
(and Ultradot picnic?)
-Wednesday is .22 day
-Thursday is Centerfire day
(and NJ Team dinner)
-Friday is .45 day (end of NRA matches)
-last Saturday and Sunday are for CMP matches, and then many hit the road back to NJ!

Steve Turner's Summary

Ray's Summary

John Gemmill's Summary

Here are some of the most common inquiries:

CMP or NRA - What are all these matches?

What about TEAMS?

CHECK FOR updatES - How do I enter?

 - IN-PROCESSING - What do I need to do when I get there?

How do I know where and when to shoot?

- When can I practice?

What do REFEREES do?

Port Clinton local restaurants

Port Clinton hotels/ Condos/ huts on base? 

 What should I bring?


(If your question is not included here, please email Mary@NJPistol.com!)

CMP or NRA - What are all these matches? (2018 Schedule shown below)

The NRA (National Rifle Competitions Division) runs the Harry Reeves, Distinguished Revolver, and the .22 caliber, Centerfire and .45 caliber Championship matches!

Harry Reeves NRA ANY revolver 30 round NMC Monday 7/9
Distinguished Revolver NRA "DR" revolver (see NRA rules) 30 round NMC Monday 7/9
Preliminary match NRA .22, CF AND .45 30 round NMC WITH EACH GUN Tuesday 7/10
.22 match NRA .22 caliber 90 round "900" with slow fire at 50 yards Wednesday 7/11
CF match NRA .32, .38 or .45 90 round "900" with slow fire at 50 yards Thursday 7/12
.45 match NRA .45 caliber 90 round "900" with slow fire at 50 yards Friday 7/13

 The CMP (Civilian Marksanship Program) runs SAFS (Small Arms Firing School) which now takes place on Saturday after Pistol Week at the National Matches.  The CMP also runs the "hardball*" matches (a.k.a. "Service Pistol*") - the main CMP matches are conducted on the last Sunday, AFTER the NRA matches are completed!

SAFS - 7 AM!
(Advanced SAFS - also 7 AM)
Firing part - 10:15 AM
CMP M9 - you can't use your own! 30 round (NMC) match is included - 4 EIC "Leg" points to top 10%  (only for SAFS) Saturday 7/14 
Rimfire EIC and EIC**

TWO relays (of each)

 8 AM and 1 PM

EIC "Leg" points to top 10% if score also exceeds cutoff for the year!
Saturday 7/14
Glock Match CMP SEE NEW CMP RULES SEE p.31- CMP BULLETIN Saturday 7/14
President's 100 CMP Service Pistol (see NEW CMP rules) - JUNIORS** use .22 with iron sights 40 rounds - 2 strings of slow fire, then timed and rapid Sunday 7/15
NTI CMP  Service Pistol (see NEW CMP rules)
- JUNIORS** use .22 with iron sights
30 round NMC- EIC "Leg" points to top 10% if score also exceeds cuttoff for the year! Sunday 7/15
NTT - TEAM Match CMP Service Pistol (see NEW CMP rules)
- JUNIORS** use .22 with iron sights
30 round NMC Sunday 7/15

**Service Pistol (or "hardball") specifications now generally mean iron sights and ANY SAFE jacketed ammo!  See CMP Rules for full details! 

*Juniors compete in a special junior category if they fire AS JUNIORS  for CMP matches.  As such they must use .22 caliber pistols with iron sights and are NOT eligible for points toward Distinguished Pistol Shot with their .22 scores.  An advanced Junior MAY fire in the adult matches (but can't enter to shoot BOTH .22 as a junior and "regular" hardball with 9mm or .45!)


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Q: What about TEAMS?

NOTE: NJ State Teams will be entered by the State Pistol Chairman (Ray Badiak) AT CAMP PERRY!  You do NOT have to sign up for any TEAM matches when you enter online or by mail - just sign up for your individual matches (see above!)  If you are interested in firing on a Team, read and reply to the NJ 2018 TEAM LETTER.

   IMPORTANT NOTE: You must belong to NJ State Association (ANJRPC) to fire on a NJ State Team!

  Click HERE to join!

 Team Matches are conducted on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for each of the 3 guns of the NRA Championship.  They are held AFTER the individual matches for that gun are finished for that day.

Team matches are 30 round NMC - 4 members of each team will be chosen to fire on any given day - they fire 2 at a time (-i.e., there are two 30-round relays) - the non-firing team members help with scoring.  A total of 2 alternates are allowed on 4 member teams.

Team matches are ALSO conducted for "hardball" on Sunday!  Juniors may be on 2-person teams!

NOTE: Your individual squadding location will likely be on a different point, and may be on a different range than your team squadding!

Preliminary day TEAMS: 3-man fired match (one .22, one CF and one .45!) are not included in usual ANJRPC sponsorship

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2/7 - updated for 2018 - Q: How do I enter?

(yes, this is a 2 step process - you can't sign up for "everything" all at once!)

NOTE: NJ State Teams will be entered by the State Pistol Chairman AT CAMP PERRY!  You do NOT have to sign up for any TEAM matches, either NRA or CMP, when you enter online or by mail - just sign up for your individual matches (see below!)


NOTE - The NRA DOES allow you to sign up for JUST Harry Reeves ($17) or DR ($28)

UPDATE (2018 prices) - Competitors MAY sign up for individual Championships (if you can't stay all week)
 in .22, CF or .45
NRA one-gun Championship is (
$94 BEFORE 4/30) $110 ($138 after 6/15)

$50 for Juniors (with no early discount or late fee)
$88 for Women (with no early discount or late fee)

(You will NOT be included in the National Championship Aggregate with these!)

The FULL NRA CHAMPIONSHIP 2700 (including .22-only-2700) is ($220 BEFORE 4/30) $275 ($330 on or after 6/15)
$120 for Juniors (with no early discount or late fee)
$206 for Women (with no early discount or late fee)

1- ONLINE ENTRY - (with payment by credit card) OPENS 4/3/18


2- Snail mail - to request forms by email or snail mail click here

IMPORTANT NOTE: You AND A NEW SHOOTER can EACH get a $20 discount
($10 for Juniors)
if you use the "With Me" form and submit your entries together BY SNAIL MAIL!!! 

NEW NOTE: YES, you CAN also get the "with me" discount if you enter online!

 Just do the individual online signup (above) and when you get to CP both of you must go
 together to the NRA office
on the side of the new building where the
scores are posted and tell them what you want. 
  They will verify the 'new' status of the new shooter and give
 both of you forms you take to the finance office on the other side of the
 building where you exchange the forms for $$!!


see  https://ct.thecmp.org/app/v1/index.php?do=match&task=edit&match=16352 OPENS 3/1/18

(SAFS = Small Arms Firing School)

NOTE: For ONLINE ENTRY - you'll need to "log in" (or register) before they will take your entry

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Q: What do I need to do when I get there?

When you arrive at Camp Perry you need to sign in at the CMP
(even if you are not firing any CMP matches!)

(See map below!)

CMP In-Processing Hours: 
  SUNDAY (July 8, 2018) : 6 AM to noon, 1 PM-4 PM and
MONDAY (July 9, 2018) : 6 AM to noon, 1 PM-4 PM

You will get a wrist band which you will need to show at NRA sign-in
in order to pick up your squadding packet!

(NRA sign-in and packet pickup will open on MONDAY!)

NOTE: If you are planning to fire ONLY CMP matches fired on the Sunday after the NRA Champ, sign-in hours are:

FRIDAY (July 13, 2018): 8 AM - 8 PM  

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Q: How do I know where and when to shoot?

On Monday or Tuesday you must pick up your "competitor packet" from the NRA (see "NRA SIGN-IN" on map above!)


  Among other items enclosed will be a very important little piece of paper indicating your shooting position and relay for the matches you have entered - see the example below! (NOTE: Your Harry Reeves and DR squadding will likely be different than for the other matches of the week.)


 You'll be assigned to one particular firing point for most of the week (Preliminary, .22, CF and .45) but the time of day will cycle around so you'll get the experience of firing at each of the 3 relays: 7:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 1 PM (you'll get to do one of those twice!)  Check the relay times which will be listed in the match bulletin to be sure of the time you need to be on the ready line (relay 2 time is an estimate!)

There will also be at least 2 sheets of labels you'll need to stick on your scorecards!  (Note you may want to write in your squadding by hand for your own reminder!) 

Click on the scorecard image below to see an example for the .45 match
- NOTE:  You'll have FOUR scorecards for each "900" (and each card will have a different color!)

When you sign these at the end of each match, you are agreeing that SHOT VALUES are correctly listed!  If your scorer has not marked "X" in the shot value box, you won't get an X!!  Addition will be checked in the Stats Office (just like we do in NJ!)

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Q: When can I practice?

You may practice FOR FREE (on Ranges 3 and 4?) on MONDAY (hours 8 AM to noon? - check the schedule when you get your NRA packet)

Unless something has changed since last year, you may practice on Range 1 anytime the other ranges are "hot" - it costs $5 for UNLIMITED Slow Fire in 10 minutes, then 3 strings of Timed Fire and 3 strings of Rapid Fire (no alibis!) - you may use more than one gun per practice session - you may do as many sessions as your wallet will allow (and money collected benefits the NRA!)

There is a "Function Test Range" (on the left half or Range 1) - if you have had a gun repaired, the armorer will give you a ticket to allow you to test fire your gun without charge!

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Q: What do REFEREES do and what do they look for?


Many Bullseye shooters who have competed in local matches have never seen an official NRA Referee until they come to Camp Perry!  Their role is to see that NRA rules are properly interpreted and applied to for the benefit of all competitors. 
They will resolve scoring challenges (instead of the "jury" assigned at most local matches)

Click for a summary of the role of NRA Referees at the National Matches by Chief Referee, Kenn Boyd!


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Q: Where to eat?

Click on the map below for interactive version!

Bootleggers (2), McCarthy's (3), Jolly Roger's (4),,Nagoyaa(8))
Diana's Deli (7), Mon Ami (5)


and especially Andy's Ice Cream  - all "must stops" for NJ pistol shooters!

2018 - TEAM DINNER will be at 1812 Food and Spirits  2590 E Sand Rd.


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Q: Where to stay?

1- On Base -  new huts (as of 2015!)


Huts sleep 4, have A/C (no indoor plumbing) - $52 per night (for the whole hut!)
- State Teams get priority (after NRA staff/Juniors) - contact NJ Pistol Chairman or arrange individually (see http://www.cplcc.com/nminfo.html )

2- Off Base - local hotels (click to enlarge)

3- Off Base - local Condos

Some shooters reserve their favorite condos for "pistol week" a year in advance!

i - Port Clinton area


ii - Oak Harbor - Green Cove

A bit farther, but no problem getting to the range for your relay time!
 - dinners in Port Clinton are the opposite direction...what you save on rental, you may use on gas


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Q: What should I bring?

overall checklist (from Steve Turner, forwarded by Bob Verhasselt)

 -  ammo:  at least 180 rounds for each .22, CF and .45 (to include individual matches and team matches, not accounting for practice or alibis!)
Great summary below, thanks to Mike G. Soklaski! - also per Steve Turner!)










NRA AM Practice - No scoring

aprox. 30 rds Rimfire
aprox. 60 rds 45

aprox. 30 rds Rimfire
aprox. 60 rds 45


Distinguished Revolver

30 rds Revolver

30 rds Revolver


Harry Reeves

30 rds Revolver

30 rds Revolver

NRA Tuesday

Preliminary Day - NMC for each Gun

30 Rds Rimfire
60 Rds 45

30 Rds Rimfire
60 Rds 45





NRA Wednesday

Rimfire Match

90 rds Rimfire

90 rds Rimfire


Rimfire Team Match

30 rds Rimfire

30 rds Rimfire





NRA Thursday

Centerfire Match

90 rds 45

90 rds 45


CF Team Match

30 rds 45

30 rds 45





NRA Friday

45 Match

90 rds 45

90 rds 45


45 Team Match

30 rds 45

30 rds 45


 CMP Saturday all Ironsights

CMP EIC and CMP Rimfire EIC

30 rds Ball/ 30 rds Rimfire

30 rds Rimfire

CMP Sunday all Ironsights

Presidents 100

40 rds Ball

40 rds Rimfire



30 rds Ball

30 rds Rimfire



30 rds Ball

30 rds Rimfire


Total, Not including extra practice or alibis:
















MINIMUM Revolver








 -  To make your trip to the firing line easier, consider getting a  "Geezer" cart instead of carrying all your gear by hand!

 - Leave your stapler at home!  No repair centers here!
- you'll need to get your 9 targets, complete with backers, to bring to the firing line!
  (fired and unfired targets fit below the benches - see photo below)

You may want to bring a chair - slow fire takes the full 10 minutes here!

You may want to bring a clamp for your brass catcher and a strap to keep your gunbox from blowing over (Camp Perry WIND is legendary!)

NOTE: When going from "long line" (slow fire) to "short line" (timed and rapid fire) you will need to move all your gear
from 50 yard line to 25 yard line!!  Your cart must FIT BETWEEN the benches ("geezer carts" do fit!)

 -  Bring fishing gear?! - Port Clinton is the "Walleye Capitol of the World!"

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The following hints are offered by our local "veterans" to help you:

Don't be afraid to ask questions of anyone standing around!

Know your target # (some shooters write in on their shooting hand!) so you don't crossfire
- your shooting point may not "line up" with your target as you might expect!

Load your magazines before going to the firing line!

"We will give you time to adjust your equipment" = 45 seconds!
If you are not ready, announce it LOUDLY before your line officer raises his green paddle!

"Invest" in a calculator from the Dollar Store if you are "mathematically challenged"
- CELL PHONES MUST BE MUTED on the firing line!

If the targets turn away before they should (or don't turn away when they should) raise your hand and speak up (before the next string!)
  Unless shooters object, the tower is not going to "automatically" offer a refire if there has been a timing malfunction!

If targets don't face when they should ("significantly" more than 3 second delay) and then suddenly face, don't fire - ask for a refire!

Check that your shot values have been written correctly ("X" in the shot boxes, not just the total column!)

THANK THE VOLUNTEERS - range personnel are out there, in whatever weather, for 8-10 hours
(and if things run late they might not even get lunch!)

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