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(NJPistol.com makes no representation of and is not responsible for any items offered for sale as listed below)

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  6/1/21: FOR SALE in PA  (click pictures to enlarge)

- Hammerli 208s

includes: 2 magazines, 2/10oz. barrel weight , 1 ultradot mount, 1 new adjustable grip, tool kit, 3 firing pins, 2 hammer springs



- Hammeli 208 engraved 125 year Commerative in a Presentation Case. 



- .45 1911 H5 Mark IV series 70 (new) 


- Ruger Redhawk - .44 Magnum - 7 3/8" barrel with Leupold 2X pistol scope 


- Turning Target with electronic voice command- SOLD 

- International Rapid Fire Target for air pistol - reduced to 16 ft. (5 m.)

made by Hammerli - 110 v. motor - settings for 8-6-4 seconds and dueling 7-3 seconds


 - 1915 Luger with holster from WWI -SOLD

 -  1942 BYF Luger made by Mauser, also with holster -SOLD

Call 215-962-2950 George - leave a message!

4/12/21: FOR SALE in NY - Morini Ergonomic Grips for the Baikal IZH-35M

           The grips are sized Large, Right-handed, and incorporate an adjustable palm support.
      Will also fit
Walther KSP 2000 & Baikal IJ-35.  The grips are in used but very good condition.


      Asking $150 shipped

     Contact Roger at  gregsti56@gmail.com

     4/4/21: FOR SALE in NY -  Square Deal B Reloader


For sale - Dillon Square Deal B. Dillon SDB complete setup for .32, .38, and 45ACP. Dillon dies, small and large primer shell plates, two powder measures. Must pick up in Orange County NY or could arrange to meet you in Bergen County is you are a great distance away.


Contact:  Susan at sparis45@msn.com or 845-642-5749

11/5/20: FOR SALE in PA -  Rock River 1911 - SOLD 

11/5/20: FOR SALE in PA -  Ultrasonic cleaner


L & R Ultrasonics Quantrex 210 cleaner.  Model Q-210.  Perfect working order!  Used very little.  Great for cleaning your guns.  Really cleans thoroughly the internal parts of the gun that are difficult to clean by hand.  Included is an unopened gallon of Safety Ultrasonic Weapon Cleaning Solution.  Makes eleven gallons.

  $400.00 or best offer. 

Contact:  Lenny: 609-581-8290 or, lenny3619@gmail.com

9/21/20: FOR SALE in NJ - Brass Catchers  - $ 100 each

Contact: Ted Reineke edwardreineke@icloud.com

8/19/20: FOR SALE in NJ - LSP barrel, Match Grips, High Standard 106, 107  -SOLD

8/11/20: FOR SALE in NJ - Cabot 1911 S100

 DETAILS in .PDF - click here

1.5" at 50 yds. - optimized for LEFT HANDED shooter (works for either) - paid $3880 - looking for a fair offer

Contact Paul at pperez550@yahoo.com or Mobile 408-921-5509

7/26/20: FOR SALE in NJ - Christensen Government 1911 Damascus


                                 DETAILS in .PDF - click here

         Upgrades: NOWLIN barrel, trigger and custom work done by Christensen in July 2018 (worth $800) I have extra clips, the original carbon fiber grips and the case. 

One owner, I"ve shot approximately 600 rounds.  Paid $5,000, worth $6,000 asking $4,000

 Serious Inquiries call  Èlan 201-665-5567

5/20/20: FOR SALE in NJ  -Ransom Rest Master Series Grip Inserts for SW 52- SOLD 

4/3/20: FOR SALE in SC  -.45 ACP Pistol


1911 45acp Caspian Frame, IMI nm Slide, Kart non ramped barrel, excellent trigger, Ultra-Dot 25mm Red Dot, this pistol was built by Dan Porter.  The Ultradot looks rough but works flawlessly. Sokoloski trigger shoe.  

Price: $1200.00 as is, with 2 Metalform Mag's

Contact randysgunroom@charter.net for purchase

Contact salyer@comporium.net for shipping

4/3/20: FOR SALE in SC  -Caspian 9mm Pistol


1911 Caspian 9mm Pistol, Caspian Frame & Slide, all internal parts except the Sear are Caspian.The sear is a Harrison Design True Radius so the trigger has a slight roll feel. Open sights are also Caspian, rear sight is a Bomar style adjustable and the Front is a red fiber optic. Kart 9mm Wilson/Nowlin Ramped Barrel and Kart Bushing. Pistol has a slight flaw in the bluing on the left side of the slide.

Pistol was built by Randy Earnest in 2016, approximately 500 rounds of 115gr. Jacked bullets fired no lead. 

Price: $1000.00  (FIRM)

Contact randysgunroom@charter.net for purchase

Contact salyer@comporium.net for shipping

2/4/20: FOR SALE in NJ  - SAFE - 60h x 30d x 23w    - SOLD

9/24/19: FOR SALE in NJ  - Colt 1860 Revolvers - SOLD

One Colt M1860 United States Calvary Commemorative Set. This is a cased pair of Colt Model 1860 Percussion Revolvers, serial # US0750 and 0750US, Cal. 44. 8 inch blue barrels and case-hardened colored frames and loading levers in a 12" X 24" walnut, blue velvet lined presentation case. I am selling this set for my deceased friend's widow who found it in hiding in a closet top shelf while cleaning up his "stuff". It is unknown how many years he had this, but she is not interested in keeping it. As these are black powder pistols and are registered as a firearm, they must go through an FFL. 


9/16/19: FOR SALE in PA  - NG 30x50 Spotting Scope (case included) - SOLD   

7/2/19: FOR SALE in NY (can be delivered to Camp Perry)  - .22 Cal. Hammerli 208s (TWO OF THEM!) - SOLD  

4/26/19: FOR SALE in NY   - Star Universal Progressive Reloader in 45 ACP

I purchase this Star progressive press new in 1981 from Gil Hebard Guns.  I have not loaded more than 15000 rounds with this press.

(Click pictures to enlarge)

 Comes with:

1)      3.5 gr Bullseye powder charge.

2)       2 large primer pick up tube.

3)       Original manuals, and box. 

4)      7000 Federal large primers


Asking $750 -PRICE REDUCTION- or make me an offer.  All Inquiries please call James Dinan at 631-277-1760


     4/8/19: FOR SALE IN NJ - Hammerli Model 280 pistol .22 Cal. right handed - SOLD

4/8/19: FOR SALE in PA  - .45 cal wadgun with iron sights - SOLD

10/26/18: FOR SALE in PA  - .22 cal Hi-Standard Victor Model - SOLD

7/21/18: FOR SALE in VA  - KC Crawford wadgun - SOLD

KC Custom wadgun (KCs frame and slide) with rock river rib Had KC looked over the gun at Perry Slide lightening cuts in front of slide, extractor tunnel, and marvel disco cut Full length 2 piece guide rod EGW beavertail with speed bump removed 20lpi checker front strap 20lpi flat mainspring housing Kc slabs Short trigger Short trigger roll feel  (doug halls work)2 magazines    Parkarized finish

          UPDATE - Ultradot included!

$ 3,000 shipped to your ffl.  

12/5/17: FOR SALE in NJ  - Colt, 1911, series 70 (1968) - SOLD 

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