1/12/19- NEW FROM NRA - "Also on a probationary basis, for the 2019 season, clubs and organizations may host more than one of each type of sectional.  In kind, competitors may shoot in more than one of the same type of sectional. The highest score shot by an individual competitor firing in more than one Precision Sectional will be used at the national level to make up our final results bulletin.   The pistol sectional season itself is being extended through June." 
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   ALSO -" We will no longer be issuing award points from the Competitive Shooting Division.  This announcement was made in April 2018 and will be enforced.  2019 is the last year that award points will be accepted by the Competitive Shooting Division for any match, regardless of expiration date printed on the coupons."

  "As a probationary trial, for 2019 the Pistol Department is waiving the NRA fee for individual junior competitors at Precision Pistol Sectional, Regional, and State Championships, as well as at the National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry.  Team fees will still apply."

2019 SECTIONALS:  Riverdale, NJ - International and Precision Pistol - Feb. 15-16;
Bridgewater, NJ (SCFGPA) Precision Pistol- Feb. 23-25;
Abbottstown, PA Precision Pistol- Feb. 28 - Mar.3;
Gibbsboro, NJ (Square Circle) Precision Pistol - Mar. 2-3;
Roslyn, NY (International) Feb. 23 ; Roslyn, NY Precision Pistol - Feb. 27, Mar. 2-3;
Monroe-Chester, NY Precision Pistol- Mar. 2
Bridgeport, CT Precision Pistol - Mar. 8-10

Riverdale, NJ - Mar. 15-17; Carteret, NJ (Lake Island) - Mar. 23-24;
Morrisville, PA (Falls Twp.) - Apr. 6-7   Roslyn, NY - Apr. 6-7

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