Dave Lange - first ever 5X CMP Distinguished



NJ Top shooter, Dave Lange of Glen Rock, NJ made history in July 2022!

NEW -   CMP ARTICLE NOV. 6, 2022

Discipline Badge # Date
Service Pistol 1236 2001
Rimfire Pistol 1 2015
Service Rifle 2396 2018
60 Shot Air Pistol 1 2022
Service Revolver 1 2022



Our first NJ Service Revolver EIC was held after the Cherry Ridge Match Pistol 2700 on April 30 - Dave earned 6 points.
Six at Quaker Hill Rocketto Memorial in CT on May 21.
Six more at Cherry Ridge on May 28.
Six points at NJ Service Pistol Championship on June 26
Saving his final "hard leg" for Camp Perry National Championship on July 13!


CMP Rules changes for 2022 were published in January

Jan. 29 - Dave earned his first 8 points at Camp Perry, OH.
April 9 - Kathy ran the first NJ Air Pistol EIC match at Riverdale, where Dave earned 8 more points.
May 7 - Back to Ohio for another 6 points - click here for video of Finals
June 10 - Second Air Pistol EIC Match at Riverdale, where Dave earned his final 8 points!

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