2017 New Jersey Match Calendar
For the support of the NJ Juniors

Lists match dates (as available) for 2017 NJ matches
Riverdale, Cherry Ridge, CJ, Citizens, Square Circle, SCFGPA
new this year --> PLUS PA matches at Falls Twp, Boyertown, Harrisburg
and other matches at DSPC, Rockville CT, Roslyn NY, Wappingers Falls NY

$10 contribution* - 8.5" x 11" wall calendar

*all proceeds after printing costs will go to the NJ Juniors for Camp Perry
Last year we had TWO JUNIOR TEAMS - and Junior "Gold" won .45 Caliber!

Printing Center USA makes these great calendars for us!!

Contact Mary

74 Lazy Brook Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822

These will be available for pick-up at our New Jersey MATCHES through March!

If you prefer, I can mail it to you - add an additional $3 per calendar to cover postage!

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