2000 NJ Outdoor Championship - South River - Sept. 23-24

43 competitors

State Championship Sponsors

Congratulations to:

Dave Lange-State Champion (for the 3rd year in a row)

John Gemmill-High Resident Master

Kathy Chatterton-High Resident Woman

Kevin Ball-High Resident Expert

Jean Verrier-High Resident Senior

Fred Renz-High Resident Sharpshooter

Clark Rhiel-High Resident Marksman

Plaques for all of these High Resident accomplishments will be made and forwarded to the people named, sponsored by Dr. Nick Abrishamian


Leg Match results (47 non-Distinguished, 1 Distinguished): click here 

Rick Mingeram - Winner of the Leg Match - 268-3X

Al Kutyla - 2nd in Leg Match - first points!

Dan Toole - 3rd in Leg Match - first points!

Joel Furman - 4th in Leg Match

 Paul Adamowski - 5th in Leg Match - first points!


2700 Match Results:

Name .22 Agg CF Agg .45 Agg Grand Agg  
High Masters
Dave Lange 886-40X 866-46X 868-42X 2620-128x O
Ron Steinbrecher 880-44X 866-24X 869-35X 2615-103x
Arthur Monahan 874-35X 862-32X 866-30X 2602-97x
John Gemmill 877-44X 872-34X 867-32X 2616-110x 1
Allan Kutyla 876-42X 860-30X 855-32X 2591-104x
Kathy Chatterton 865-30X 860-30X 864-41X 2589-101x
Rick Mingeram 856-28X 863-34X 851-31X 2570-93x
Joel Furman 863-27X 821-17X 816-12X 2500-56x
Tom Mazzitelli 871-39X 853-29X 847-28X 2571-96x 1
Kevin Ball 871-37X 846-21X 854-26X 2571-84x 2
Joe Emanuele 855-30X 851-34X 854-34X 2560-98x 3
Andy Mitchell 866-39X 845-26X 845-26X 2556-91x
Tony Marino 864-34X 829-22X 844-26X 2537-82x
Jean Verrier 845-20X 844-26X 839-20X 2528-66x
Harvey Schwartz 850-24X 850-22X 828-15X 2528-61x
Wayne Becker 841-17X 835-21X 841-21X 2517-59x
Dr. Abrishamian 857-29X 834-28X 823-27X 2514-84x
Paul Adamowski 848-25X 826-18X 834-22X 2508-65x
Gerald Bonanno 840-23X 827-24X 831-24X 2498-71x
Dave Levine 830-10X 813-21X 828-24X 2471-55x
Kathleen Gemmill 844-24X 803-14X 795-15X 2442-53x
Mark Jenkins 832-21X 788-12X 804-20X 2424-53x
Norm Glitz 848-20X 788-14X 788-10X 2424-44x
Rich Baughman 815-22X 790-10X 800-19X 2405-51x
John DelVecchio 836-13X 840-22X 847-25X 2523-60x 1
Fred Renz 851-24X 779-17X 777-15X 2407-56x
Mike Vogen 804-12X 751-14X 816-15X 2371-41x
Tom Willis 809-8X 792-12X 770-13X 2371-33x
Erik Mueller 835-22X 764-11X 765-12X 2364-45x
Ray Schmitt 761-12X 763-5X 768-11X 2292-28x
Dave Everson 806-14X 655-4X 732-8X 2193-26x
Jim Bain 787-10X 677-5X 707-4X 2171-19x
Clark Rhiel 806-14X 788-16X 801-14X 2395-44x 1
Dan Toole 824-20X 721-7X 781-12X 2326-39x 2
Diane Marino 800-13X 744-16X 732-7X 2276-36x
Harry Simon 811-17X 741-7X 680-8X 2232-32x
Jack Syklulski 794-13X 724-13X 703-5X 2221-31x
Dave Weideman 803-13X 653-4X 695-5X 2151-22x
Abe Chait 740-10X 674-6X 697-9X 2111-25x
Larry Hartine 775-11X 614-5X 716-11X 2105-27x
John Larkin 762-9X 564-2X 583-4X 1909-15x
Paul Lewandowski 730-8X 605-3X 538-9X 1873-20x
Phil Blacher 0-0X 0-0X 770-10X 770-10x