Tony Governale



Topping our list of NJ Distinguished Pistol Shooters is Tony Governale, formerly of Marlton, NJ!

(Click to see his letter of congratulations for achieving his badge!)

He was the "new shooter" on the top Civilian Hardball Team of 1959 (before the Oglethorpe Trophy!) and recalls to this day how he had a jam on the rapid fire string, and when the slide failed to close on the refire string, he had to slam the slide shut with his palm...yet his team's score set a record for Civilian teams at the time!

 The Executive Director of the NRA, presented their gold medals on the range - in those days there was nothing formal about the ceremony - the shooters were packing to go home when they got the word to come back to get this picture taken!

(Shooters appear as listed above, left to right - Tony is 2nd from left)


Thanks to Tony for sharing his collection of New Jersey pistol match patches!




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