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Let these Sponsors know we appreciate their support for the FUTURE OF OUR SPORT!

The following companies have donated prizes
for our 2013 JUNIOR-ONLY NRA Registered Matches:

Bullseye Gear - STRONG 1610 GUN BOX
also Outers gun cleaning mat, oilers and Breakfree, ear muff clips

Sinclair International  - Brownell's Signature Series Range Bag

also TEN $10 gift cards and 50 Xtreme friction defense 4 ml. oil samples

Springfield Armory - 2 hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts

PLUS a whole box more - mugs, caps, backpack, towels, coolies, mousepad, stickers!!!

Starline Brass - two $50 gift certificates and two "A Dyin' Breed" CDs

GRAF & SONS - one BSA Bore Sighter Kit for 17-50 cal rifles

Zero Bullets - Leupold pistol scope, caps, pens

EyePal - two handgun pinhole sighting system kits

Sierra Bullets  - 12 very nice hats and t-shirts

Lucas Oil - fifteen 2 oz. bottles of gun oil

(a NJ company!)  G96 - 12 silicone gun and reel cloths

20/20 Concepts - Patchworms

NRA Store at Camp Perry - 15 lens cloths

Brenzovich - 2 pairs of shooting glasses

Al Heiss from Indiana - scorebooks he personally made for our Junior competitors!!

NRA entry fees for SCFGPA Indoor 900 are again being covered
by a grant from the ANJRPC FOUNDATION